25 Gram 2020 Canadian Maple Leaf 1 Gram Gold Coin


1600.73 USD

Вес 25.000 граммов / 0.804 унция
серийный номер нет
упаковка Запечатанная карта
Manufacturer Royal Canadian Mint


25 Gram Canadian Maple Leaf Multigram gold coins

Brand new and uncirculated 2020 gold coins. Coins come in a sheet of 25 x 1 Gram Coins, which can be separated and are each individually encapsulated.

This is a recently released item produced by the Royal Canadian Mint. The MapleGram bars were produced by the Royal Canadian Mint to compete with the combibars, produced by Valcambi.

The front of each 1 gram coin features an image of Queen Elizabeth II, and the reverse features an image of a Canadian Maple Leaf.

These items come in an assay sleeve, which helps to protect them.

The MapleGram bars are the newest edition to the Royal Canadian Mint's most popular series, the Canadian Maple Leaf series. They are designed so that each coin can be broken off and used in the event of monetary collapse.
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Price includes free insured storage in our vault for up to one year from purchase date.

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