2020 Australian Koala 1 Kilogram Silver Bullion Coin, 999 Fine


1016.36 USD

Peso 1000.000 grammi / 32.151 oz
Numero di serie No
Condizione Non Circolato
Confezione Capsula
Manufacturer Perth Mint


Australian Koala 2020 Silver 1 Kilogram Coin, 9999+ fine

These coins are in brand new and uncirculated condition, issued directly from the Perth Mint in Perth, Australia.

About the 1 Kilo Perth Mint Silver Koala

The Perth Mint 1 KG Koala coin is one of only a few silver bullion coins to be issued in larger, 1 Kilogram sizes. Other silver coins available on the market include the silver Kookaburra coin (also from the Perth Mint), and the silver Libertad coin, which is issued by the Mexican Mint. Buying silver coins instead of bars has tax advantages for some investors due to varying VAT rules on legal tender, and this makes the coins very popular for silver investors. These coins are sold in a solid plastic capule which prevents them from tarnishing and from damage. 

Design of the 1 KG Silver Koala Coin

Each 1 KG Koala coin features an image of a Koala holding onto a tree on the front of the coin. The coin's weight, purity, metal type and size are located at the bottom of the coin, with the words 'Australian Koala' inscribed on the top. The layout of these coins remains consistent annually, however, the design of the Koala is updated annually. The design on the 1 KG silver Koala coin is the same as the design on the 1 Oz silver Koala coin. 

The front of these coins feature an image of Queen Elizabeth II on the front, and the coin's face value is located at the bottom. The 1 KG silver Koala coin has a face value of $30 AUD, which is significantly less than its value based on its silver content. However, the coin is backed by the Australian Government and this means that the coin's quality is backed by both the Perth Mint and the government of Australia - this gives investors confidence in the product they are purchasing. 

These coins all contain 9999 fine investment grade silver bullion, making them some of the purest silver bullion coins available on the market. Each coin comes in its own sold plastic capsule. 

About the Perth Mint

The Perth Mint release a range of popular coins and bars for investors, in gold, silver, platinum and palladium. Their most popular two ranges are the Kangaroo range, which is available in gold, silver and platinum, and the Lunar series, which is available in gold and silver. All precious metals manufactured by the Perth Mint are recognised by the LBMA as being good delivery, which further ensures its quality. 

Please contact us if you have silver Koala coins that you are interested in selling.

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