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Why Chose Switzerland for Bullion Storage?

If you are thinking about purchasing gold or silver, our Swiss storage may be an excellent option. have recently purchased some gold that you want to store somewhere for safekeeping, consider storing them offshore. Precious Metals make up an important part of any investor's portfolio. Gold and silver prices tend to negatively correlate with the stock market. For example, when markets are strong, gold is weak, when gold is strong, markets are in a recession. Therefore, holding around 10-15% of a diversified portfolio in precious metals can have a large impact on the performance of a portfolio in a recession. Storing gold offshore isn't much different from opening an offshore bank account, however offshore bullion accounts are not required to be reported. The benefits to precious metals investors of an offshore bullion account include security, convenience, and privacy.

Switzerland Has Strong Financial Security

Switzerland is a country known for excellent financial security and privacy.  This is in part due to the fact that the country has very strong data privacy laws. Data regarding financial accounts cannot be shared with third parties unless under exceptional circumstances, such as a Swiss court order. 

Despite recently experiencing a severe blow in the banking industry, Swiss banking has still maintained unparalleled sophistication, professionalism, and level of service in terms of its financial sectors.

The Country Has Established Itself as an Ideal Safe Location for Gold

Switzerland has a well-established history of providing investors with a safe place for storing their assets. This includes vaulted precious metals storage. A large number of Swiss residents maintain a portion of their portfolio in precious metals. For this reason, a system already exists for precious metals storage in Switzerland, including very secure vault storage facilities. Switzerland is a great place to set up offshore storage of precious metals.

Countries such as Hong Kong and Singapore have recently started introducing precious metals storage businesses. However, they do not offer the government neutrality, security and privacy that Switzerland offers. Switzerland still remains a better option due to the country's long-standing reputation and reliability. Switzerland remains an excellent place for gold storage, as the country maintains the world’s largest reserves of gold per capita.

Switzerland is Known For Its Political Stability or Neutrality

Switzerland's neutrality makes it an optimal location to store precious metals. Clients with accounts held in Switzerland can be assured that the country's neutrality policies would secure their assets in the event of conflicts breaking out among third-party states.  Although Singapore has emerged as a relevant competitor to Switzerland, it is located in Southeast Asia and there is still significant US influence in the country, including a large US Naval Base. 

Switzerland Has Fewer Restrictions

Switzerland does not impose currency restrictions on those entering or leaving the country. This means you can import local and foreign currencies without having to declare the amount to customs upon entry or exit. 

Since gold and other precious metals are now becoming better investment alternatives, keeping them offshore in a country with good financial security and neutrality can help ensure asset protection.

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