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The British Election and the Pound

Britain's general election is just over two weeks away. And according to early opinion polling, Prime Minister Theresa May was set to win by a landslide with a majority of up to 150 seats. However, new polls suggest the election may be tighter than previously expected with the Conservatives getting an expected share of between 44 and 46 percent - still solidly ahead of Labour's 33 to 35 percent, but suggesting a smaller majority of about 40 seats.

The main issue is obviously how to proceed with Brexit. But as the doom and gloom forecasts fail to materialize, many regular people see the United Kingdom's spit from the EU as an issue that has largely been resolved. The priority seems to be presenting a united front against the increasingly aggressive demands of EU negotiators during the Brexit proceedings. 

The British currency has held up poorly against the euro for the last week, but it has done well against the dollar due to the political turmoil in Trump’s administration.