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Storing Silver in Switzerland


Physical silver bullion bars and coins are excellent ways to invest in precious metals because silver is cheaper than gold per ounce – and thus, easily accessible to investors of all wealth levels. But while the affordable price of silver makes it a great asset to own, it also comes with the challenge of storage. Deciding where to store silver is an important decision.  Unlike cash, physical silver usually can’t be held at a bank. And it’s not a good idea to keep large amounts of silver in your house because that could make your home a target for theft or result in damage to the metal from a fire or flooding. So where should investors store their silver?

The best place to store silver is a precious metal depository located in Switzerland. Precious metals depositories are locations designed to securely house precious metals, and these facilities will have enough space to store as much physical silver as needed. On top of the space, precious metals depositories have careful climate controls to make sure the metal is protected from rust and other forms of damage. These facilities are also extremely safe; the silver is closely monitored by both human and video surveillance. 

Why Switzerland?

When looking for a secure place to store silver, the location of the precious metals depository is the most important factor to consider. Precious metals are extremely rare assets, and they should be stored in the most secure country available to protect against government confiscation. Investors usually store precious metals in three major financial centers around the globe: Hong Kong, Singapore, and Switzerland. 

Traditionally, investors held precious metals in multiple different locations to maximize security, but this is a mistake, and times are changing. Physical silver should only be held in Switzerland because Switzerland is significantly safer than the other alternatives due to the Alpine nation’s free democratic government, political neutrality, and economic stability. 

Singapore and Hong Kong, two city-states in South East Asia, were once popular places to store precious metals for investors around the globe. But these locations have become increasingly influenced by the oppressive Chinese Communist Party. It is risky to store precious metals in an area influenced by authoritarian governments because these sorts of governments have been known to nationalize private property. Unlike Hong Kong and Singapore, Switzerland has a long tradition of free and democratic governance. More importantly, Switzerland is one of the most peaceful countries in the world and has remained politically neutral for centuries. 


Physical silver bullion bars and coins are some of the best ways to invest in precious metals. The affordable spot price of silver makes it an accessible asset for a wide variety of investors. However, storing the physical silver can be a challenge because it is important to house precious metals in the most secure location available. A precious metals depository located in Switzerland is the best place to store physical silver because Switzerland is a safe, democratic, and politically neutral country. offers precious metals storage in Switzerland.