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Low Premium Platinum Coins

Buy platinum coins from These coins sell at a low margin over the platinum spot price. Low-premium platinum coins are popular with platinum investors. These items are available for delivery or VAT-free storage in Switzerland.

Why Invest in Platinum?

Platinum has grown an increasingly relevant position for investors in the precious metals market. Today, many gold and silver enthusiasts also buy platinum as a way to diversify their portfolio and increase their risk management. 

Platinum is a member of the platinum group metals (PGMs), which also include palladium, and which are predominantly found in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Russia. This makes the metal prices extrememly susseptible to market conditions in those three countries. For example, South Africa considered at one time nationalising all the mines within the country. This caused metal prices to raise significantly. Economic, labour and political conditions in these countries all affect the price of platinum.

Platinum is a very rare metal - platinum's annual production is less than 1/10th that of gold. This also means that changes in the demand for platinum can greatly affect its price. For example, it has many applications within the automotive and electronics industries. Changes in demand for luxury automobiles can affect the demand for platinum, and in turn, its price. 

Why Buy Platinum Coins?

Once clients have decided to invest in platinum, the next decision is whether to buy bars or coins. There are several reasons why coins may be preferred over bars:

  • Platinum coins are sold in 1 ounce and fractional ounce denominations. Many clients like to purchase platinum incrementally, or to know that they have the option to sell it incrementally if they so with. Holding coins in smaller sized increments gives clients a greater flexibility with their holdings and their portfolio, and allows them more control over it. 
  • Platinum coins are manufactured by official government mints. This means that they are backed by governments. For example, the platinum Eagle is the official platinum coin of the United States. Most platinum coin have a legal tender value, which means that the respective government issuing the coin has guaranteed it to that value. Most of the time this legal tender value is nominal, and much lower than the coin's value in platinum. However, some investors find it reassuring to know that it has been guaranteed. 
  • Platinum coins are manufactured to a very high standard. Most platinum coins are manufactured to a much higher standard than platinum bars - they have an artistic image on them, and the quality is high. All government issued platinum coins have a minimum fineness of 999, while most are 999.5 or 9999 fine.
  • Government issued platinum coins meet the standards imposed by the LBMA / LPPM. Platinum coins cannot be classified as good delivery - they are too small. The minimum size platinum ingot recognised by the LBMA or LPPM as good delivery is 1 Kilogram. However, all platinum coins manufactured by government mints and sold by do meet the same standards as LMBA good delivery platinum products in terms of their purity and standard. 

Buying Low Premium Wholsale Platinum Coins offers clients the option to buy wholesale platinum coins, at a lower margin or premium than individual coins. This is a great option for investors looking to buy larger quantities of platinum coins. offers a wide range of platinum coins at wholesale rates - these include the platinum Platypus coin, the platinum Kangaroo, the platinum American Eagle, Maple Leaf, Philharmonic and Britannia. There is an option available for wholesale purchase of any and all major government issued platinum coins. 

Clients investing in low premium platinum coins may select VAT-free Swiss secure storage or delivery of their coins. Clients chosing storage may also select to sell their items back to at any time, or to request delivery. For larger orders, collection is also available. Clients may arrange their purchase in any of 15 currencies.