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Low Premium Palladium Bars

For clients looking to purchase palladium bars at the lowest possible premium, offers LBMA approved palladium bars. These bars are available in 1 oz sizes only, and are available either individually or in wholesale lots of 20 bars. These bars are available for delivery worldwide or for VAT-exempt storage in Zurich. 

These bars are available at low premiums based on current inventory. However, all bars supplied are guaranteed to be from an LBMA approved refinery. This includes refineries such as PAMP, Valcambi, Metalor and others. 

What is the LBMA?

The LBMA is the London Bullion Market Assocation, which is in charge of regulation of precious metals in the United Kingdom. Working alongside the LBMA is the LPPA, the London Platinum and Palladium Association, which is responsible for management of PGMs in the United Kingdom. The LBMA and LMBA set standards for the refining of precious metals bars and coins, and certain refineries that meet their standards are labeled as LBMA approved. These include all four major Swiss refineries - Argor-Heraeus, PAMP, Metalor and Valcambi. 

Why Invest in Palladium?

Like all precious metals, palladium is beneficial to a diversified precious metals portfolio. The metal is only refined in very limited locations around the world, and is far less common than gold or silver. Additionally, palladium is used in the automotive industry for the making of catalytic converters. Palladium prices do tend to relate inversely to the stock market. This means that when the economy is in a recession, palladium prices go up. However, the metal does not necessarily parallel the prices of gold and silver. For example, recent palladium growth has seen a nearly 100% increase in the value of the metal. This is primarily due to demands from the automotive industry for palladium though, and not due to economic downturn. Therefore, buying palladium can benefit a precious metals portfolio. 

Tax-Free Palladium

For clients who wish to buy palladium tax exempt, offers Zurich based storage. All bullion placed in storage is held vat-exempt until the client decides to take delivery for the metal, either via the post or via collection. Clients also have the option to sell palladium bars back to at favorable rates. When clients chose this option, no VAT is payable.